Help Solve the Abduction and Murder of Holly Piirainen in Sturbridge, MA on August 5, 1993

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CONTENT WARNING: This web site includes frank discussion of the abduction, sexual abuse, and murder of a child under the age of 12.

The Truth: An Open Letter to the Community

Twenty-seven years ago, 10-year-old Holly Piirainen was abducted and murdered in our community, her remains left in the woods to rot. This thought is too terrible for most of us to even contemplate, but it is the plain truth. What if Holly was your child, sister, niece, granddaughter? What if, heaven forbid, you were Holly? What kind of justice would you seek? It is the hard truth that there has been no justice for Holly, no peace for her family. The person(s) who murdered her have never been identified or arrested. Her family lives with that every day.

It has been 27 years, twenty-seven, since Holly was abducted from near her grandparent’s driveway in rural Sturbridge, MA.  Today, she would be 37 years old. Maybe she would have gone to college, had a career that fulfilled her, married someone she loved, had children she adored. She’s been gone for 27 Thanksgivings, Christmases, birthdays, summers, every graduation and happy occasion. When is enough enough? How long do her parents have to live with the agony of knowing her killer(s) are still out there?

This crime did not happen in a vacuum. Who could be responsible — a stranger, an old friend, relative or even a neighbor? There are honorable individuals out there, who might have the information that breaks this case. Are you one of them? Something that you saw or heard, something someone told you they saw or heard, a suspicion based on some relevant facts….anything!! You have the power to tell the truth.

Please do what is right and forward anything that you know or remember to us. You might think it is nothing really, just something that you heard, not even worth mentioning, but you are wrong! Dedicated law enforcement officials and former professional career law enforcement officers are actively working Holly’s case right now putting the pieces together. Something that you think is just a little or unimportant detail could be a key element for us.  Imagine the pride, or maybe it’s relief, you would feel if you were the one whose information brought the person(s) who murdered Holly to justice.

Maybe you are thinking I feel terrible for her family but it’s none of my business. I don’t want to get involved or what if he/she found out I said something. I know these people and I don’t want them coming after me.

Hold those thoughts and look at the photos of Holly above. If you saw that child hurt by the side of the road, would you walk by? If she was in trouble, would you refuse to help her? If she asked you for help, would you tell her it was none of your business? Of course not. Well, she was hurt, she was in trouble, and she’s asking you for help now.  God created us to know the difference between right and wrong and good from evil. You know what the right thing is to do. Help us find that evil.

Who are we?  We are dedicated detectives from the Massachusetts State Police, current local law enforcement officials, citizens throughout the Commonwealth, and “The Four of Us.”  A retired Massachusetts State Police detective lieutenant, a retired Massachusetts State Police trooper, a former police officer with two local police departments, and a former Chief of Police of the Warren (Massachusetts) Police Department. We are actively working Holly’s case and we will not rest until the person(s) who murdered her are identified, arrested, tried, and convicted.

Law enforcement officials, private citizens, and The Four of Us respectfully request your help with Holly.  In addition, we request your assistance with Molly Bish, who was also abducted and murdered in our community, 7 years after Holly.  Are they connected?  Please tell us what you know. Tell us the truth.

The Truth Will Set You Free


The Four of Us, on behalf of all current and former law enforcement officials working to Help Holly